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Nutraceutical Packaging Options

nutra featured
nutra featured
There’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to nutraceutical packaging. With people moving towards greener and healthier lifestyles, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals are increasing in popularity. Nutraceutical products are derived from food sources and have nutritional value plus health benefits. They also aid in the prevention and treatment of illnesses and diseases.
Nutraceuticals take care of your well-being, so they deserve packaging that takes care of them. In this blog post we’ll explore the packaging containers, materials, and safety features that best suit nutraceutical products.

Container Options for Nutraceuticals

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There’s several options for nutraceutical packaging containers. Each has their own advantages while catering to different types of nutraceutical products. Here are some container options for nutraceuticals:

Pill Packer Bottles

Pill packer bottles are durable and versatile with wide-mouth openings for easy filling and pouring. Nutraceutical vitamins, supplements, and powders can be packaged in packer bottles.
pill packer (1)


The secure, airtight seals of jars make them another popular choice for nutraceuticals. Jars maintain freshness and potency of products stored inside of them.
black jar

Stand-Up Pouches

Like nutraceuticals, stand-up pouches are rising in popularity as an alternative to traditional methods. Stand-up pouches offer a flexible and lightweight option that’s ideal for powdered supplements.
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Droppers are the ideal packaging option for liquid nutraceuticals. They come with secure caps that precisely dispense liquids. Nutraceuticals for children often come in liquid form and are stored in dropper bottles.
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Materials for Nutraceutical Packaging

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Nutraceutical packaging materials are selected carefully to guarantee product safety, quality, and shelf-life preservation. It is always important  to keep the specific needs of your product in mind when choosing materials to package nutraceuticals in. It’s always recommended to test products with packaging materials to ensure compatibility. Nutraceutical packaging materials include:


  • Plastic Bottles: PET, HDPE
  • Plastic Jars: PET, HDPE, PP
  • Plastic Packers: PET, HDPE

Plastic is a lightweight and cost-effective material choice for nutraceuticals. PET, PE, PP, and PS plastics can all be used to package nutraceuticals.
plastic packaging


  • Glass Euro Bottles
  • Glass Boston Round Bottles
  • Glass Jars
  • Glass Pill Packer Bottles

Glass can give off a premium look, but it’s better known for it’s protective properties. Selecting amber, green, or cobalt blue colored glass can enhance the safety of your products from damaging light sources. Glass is often used to store premium and high-quality nutraceuticals.
glass packaging

Stand-Up Pouches and Mylar Bags

  • Foil
  • Paper: Kraft, Rice
  • Holographic

Foil offers top-of-the-line barrier properties to safeguard your nutraceuticals from outside sources. Paper, especially Kraft paper, is an eco-friendly material whose presence is growing in the nutraceutical industry as it aligns with sustainable efforts.
stand up pouch variety

Safety Measures

Ensuring the safety of consumers is vital, especially in households with children. Adding the following features to your nutraceutical packaging can provide peace of mind for manufacturers and consumers:

Child-Resistant Add-On Options

  • Child-Resistant Caps
  • Child-Resistant Zippers

crc cap

Tamper-Evident Add-On Options

  • Tear-Away Seals
  • Heat Induction Seals: Regular Seal, Lift ‘n’ Peel Seal, Vented Seal
  • Self-Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Seals
  • Tamper-Evident Neck Bands

lift n peel

Customizable Nutraceutical Packaging

Companies that utilize customizable nutraceutical packaging separate themselves from competitors.  It creates a strong brand identity and effectively engages with targeted audiences. From custom designs, colors, sizes, and shapes, there’s an array of options to make your nutraceutical packaging stand out.
Contact Victorie Packaging and find out how we can help you bring your packaging ideas to life.

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