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Key Features of Dropper Bottles

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Dropper Bottles are primary packaging containers that come with specialized caps that efficiently and precisely dispense small liquid drops. There’s a number of industries that have adopted dropper bottles, but for now, we’ll focus on the key features that make dropper bottles an ideal primary packaging solution.

Dropper Cap

Droppers have caps that usually consist of a rubber or plastic bulb at the top. The bulb connects to a long thin tube that extends to the inside of the bottle.

Dropper Cap Styles

  • Child-Resistant Caps
  • Regular Ribbed Non-CRC Caps
  • Smooth Non-CRC Caps
  • Tamper-Evident Caps

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The pipette is the long thin tube that connects to the dropper cap. When the dropper cap’s bulb is squeezed, it creates a vacuum that pushes liquid into the pipette.

Pipette Materials

  • Glass
  • Plastic

Pipettes can be customized with measurements for accurate dosing using graduate marking or laser etching.
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Dropper Tip

At the bottom of the dropper, you’ll find a small opening at the tip. This is where the liquid is released. The size of the opening can be designed to disperse different amounts, depending on the product. The tip shape can be customized as well.

Dropper Tip Options

  • Straight Tip
  • Bent Tip
  • Ball Tip

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Controlled Dispensing

The ability to dispense liquids in small, controlled quantities is the main attraction when it comes to dropper bottles.
This precision is especially useful for products that need to be carefully released in accurate doses, which is common in the medical, cosmetic and aromatherapy industries.
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Tamper-Evident Caps

Many dropper bottles come with tamper-evident caps to ensure products are preserved and protected until they are ready to be used.
Tamper-evident caps can help consumers feel confident in their buying decisions.
tamper evident cap

Amber or Colored Glass

Certain glass colors, like amber and cobalt blue, can provide natural filers that protect products from external light sources.
Pairing glass bottles with dropper caps creates a primary packaging solution that protects, preserves, and accurately releases your products.
amber colored glass

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