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How to Choose The Best Materials For Your Cosmetic Containers

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The decision of what type of containers you want to use to hold your cosmetic items is just as vital as any other marketing decision you’ll make in your cosmetic business. It is a decision that can have far-reaching consequences for your cosmetic business’s overall sales and profitability. The best materials to choose for your cosmetic containers?  Containers for cosmetics are made of many different types of materials available, but the most common are glass, plastic, and acrylic. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using containers made of these materials are listed below.

Benefits of Glass Containers for Cosmetics

These days many people have been concerned about the different chemical components in some types of plastic containers, glass has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years as it’s been promoted as the “safer” alternative to plastic. Containers made of glass can be either clear or colored and surely have a unique aesthetic look. Additionally, glass containers are heavier than plastic or acrylic container jars, but, particularly in bigger sizes, making product shipment more tiring. Glass containers break more easily, and also an accidental drop can leave behind many tiny shards that are difficult to clean up. You can buy Wholesale containers for cosmetics USA online at very affordable prices.

Benefits of Plastic Containers for Cosmetics

There are many types of plastic, but injection-molded plastic is one of the most common types. The key advantage of these plastics over glass is that plastic cosmetic containers manufactured from it are a lot cheaper to produce. For example -Lotion bar containers are often made of plastic. But, containers made from plastic also tend to develop a yellowish hue over time, which can mar the visual impact of your overall product packaging design.

Benefits of Acrylic Containers for Cosmetics

Acrylic is a special type of thermoplastic and is used to form the protective barrier around ice skating rinks. The main benefit of using acrylic over other plastic or glass materials is that it is stronger than injection-molded plastic and is more shatter-resistant than glass. But, it is more expensive to manufacture than plastic, so containers formed from it tend to be on the pricier side. Depending on your goals and objectives, going with acrylic containers can be a good investment.
When it comes to choosing the right manufacturing material for your cosmetic containers, there are trade-offs to weigh and balance. Plastic, glass, and even acrylic all have unique pros and cons. The key is to use this information to decide which material is right for you and your cosmetic business.

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